Sunday, October 14, 2007

All about General Conference!

Alrighty, so this time I figured that we should make sure that everybody got something out of General Conference. Even if you didn't have a chance to watch, the talks are all posted on now, so you can pick a few and read them. As far as the "assignment" goes, I want you all to pick a specific talk and write one paragraph about what you learned, what you thought was interesting, what impressed you, etc. Then I want you to write a second paragraph about HOW you are going to use this talk in your everyday life. (If you are feeling really motivated and need some more make-up, you can do the same assignment for two talks)

Example: I really enjoyed Elder Oaks' talk about good, better, and best. It gave me a chance to think about how everything in life really should be put into these different categories. Often times it is easy to simply do something that is good, it is usually easier than something that is best, but, obviously, not the BEST thing that we could be doing. Elder Oaks encouraged us to look at our own lives and to decide those things that we do that might be good, but we could instead be using our time to do something that was better, or even best.

This is something that seemed really easy to apply to my life. Following through will definitely be the hard part, but there are surely things that might be good that I can improve. Nate and I sat down together and made a list of a few things that we could change in our lives to make them "best." Some of these things are making sure that we read to Hannah from the BoM every night, studying the scriptures as a couple together by topic (from one of Nate's missionary books), holding a monthly family council, and reading and discussing a scripture each time we sit down to eat dinner. One week down, and so far so good. Hopefully we can keep it up and change some of our good habits into better and best ones!

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